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Written by John Angiolillo

      If there is one player in Philadelphia that needs a big break it is Darin Ruf. In the waning moments of 2013, Ruf was the only positional player I cared about (besides Cody Asche) as I watched garbage like Michael Martinez and Casper Wells attempt to play Major League Baseball. Ruf has big league power, can draw walks, and has shown some versatility being able to play left field, first base, and right field. 

     So why am I reading that Darin Ruf isn't guaranteed a spot on the Opening Day roster?

    Who would you rather have on this team? John Mayberry Jr., a fringe big leaguer who will tease you every couple weeks into thinking he can be a decent player? Bobby Abreu, who was out baseball last year and isn't hitting his own weight this spring training?

    Ruf is one of the few players in Phillies camp who appears that he took the offseason seriously. He is hitting .280 with 2 home runs in only 25 at bats. He also showed up to Clearwater a month before everyone else did to work out with team trainers. 

      Unfortunately, Ruben Amaro would rather bring in a name than allow a Darin Ruf to thrive. He came out in November and said Ruf will not be a starter in 2014 and they would bring in a "name." That name was Marlon Byrd. If Byrd fails, Amaro would be forced to turn to Ruf to help his ballclub, and ultimately his job security. 





Sean Brace's Low I Q
15/03/2014 2:10pm

Ruben, despite his protestations, doesn't like Ruf. Says he's not an everyday OF. Well, neither was Pat Burrell, but he went on to have a decent career. SMH

16/03/2014 3:40pm

Why would Amaro do that, it would make too much sense. He would rather bullshit everyone into thinking this team has a chance to compete for the playoffs and stack the team with has-beens and never-were like Abreu, Mayberry, Brignac and Frandsen.


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